Tent Ridge Hike Kananaskis, AB

Soldier On in collaboration with OnTop Mountaineering will host a scenic hike at Tent Ridge mountain peak in the Kananaskis, AB, from 0730-1700hrs on 9 September, join Soldier On and come explore a scenic mountain peak.

This activity will bring together both serving and retired ill/injured CAF members, allowing participants to connect through peer support and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.
This hiking event will serve as an introduction to hiking / trail walking, geared towards intermediate and advanced hikers. Participants will have the opportunity to experience hiking a mountain peak in the Kanananskis Region, which will consist of a 4-5 hour hike, 800 meters of elevation and approximately 9.7 kms.

Ill/Injured members will be introduced to trails in their geographic region during our hiking excursion through parks, wooded areas, scramble sections and highly elevated views of the Rockies.
Assistance throughout the event will be provided courtesy of the www.ontopmountaineering.com
Walking poles and helmets will be provided from On Top Mountaineering. 

The number of Soldier On participants is limited to 9.
Minimum eligibility criteria:
Any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from within one hour Calgary, AB who acquired a permanent physical or mental health illness or injury while enrolled as a member of the CAF; whether attributable or not to service.
Participants must provide their own travel to/and from pre designated pickup/drop off area. Travel assistance will not be provided.
Serving Members:
Medical clearance may be required by your chain of command.
Mental & Physical Requirements
Participants must be able to hike 4 to 5 hours of moderate paced activities for the day of the activity. The hike will move at a pace that is comfortable to the group with constant elevation and a small scramble. Applicants must have a limited requirement for rest throughout the duration of the event.
This sessions will require a variety of physical movements and be held outdoors, therefore participants need to dress appropriately and bring enough water. A suggested kit list will be included in the joining instructions issues to selected participants. Should there be unfavorable weather conditions for the participants, Soldier On will endeavour to reschedule the event.
Participants will be joined with other ill/injured members and civilians, and therefore should be able to function in a social environment. 

Deadline for Nomination Forms. 
Must be received by Soldier On NLT Monday, 29 August 2022.
Click here to fill out your expression of interest.


Soldier On events are planned in accordance with municipal, provincial, territorial and federal public health measures (PHM) and regulations as well as the Canadian Armed Forces health policy and guidelines. The health and safety of Soldier On participants and staff, PSP staff, and CAF TG personnel are paramount.

While specific safety precautions for each event will depend on the scope, scale and location of the event, the utmost care will be undertaken to ensure the risk associated with the spread of COVID-19 is very low. Specific precautions, rules, regulations and observances will be communicated to selected participants for this specific camp in due course, but all applicants must be prepared to:
  • Be familiar with, and adhere to current PHM regulations and guidance;
  • Complete the respective provincial / territorial or federal government COVID-19 self-assessment tool before attending the event;
  • Refrain from participating in a Soldier On event if they have tested positive for COVID-19, have come in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 and/or are experiencing symptoms of the virus;
  • Practice physical distancing during activity, including the use of non-medical mask when appropriate;
  • Follow all safety precautions provided by Soldier On and its sport service providers;
  • Adhere to a stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and perform rigorous hand hygiene;
  • Inform Soldier On immediately if you are not feeling well.
Soldier on, during the conduct of this activity, shall:
  • Ensure that the event is conducted following the current PHM regulations and guidelines of the location in question;
  • Ensure that all staff and participants are using PPE properly and following necessary protocols;
  • Soldier On will cease the event if participants do not respect any of the health and safety protocols that are in place;
  • Ensure PPE, hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies are available and are being used;
  • Continue to monitor the further provincial lifting of or changes in restrictions which may affect their operations;
Track physical interactions (time/date/attendees/location) on physical activity log

Confirmation details

The event OPI will confirm in writing with the participants selected for this activity.
A joining instruction will be issued prior to event; ensuring applicants are authorized to participate IAW applicable policies & eligibility criteria.

The Tent Ridge hike is an event which will encourage ill/injured serving CAF personnel and veterans to develop new skills, engage with others while personally challenging themselves.  This event will be challenging and average level of physical fitness will be needed to complete the hike.


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