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Soldier On Code of Conduct

Social Media Code of Conduct EN 

The goal of Soldier On’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) is to share information about the Soldier On program, events, activities, and initiatives. 

We will read comments and participate in discussions when appropriate. We ask that your comments be relevant and respectful. We reserve the right to delete comments that violate this notice, and the user may be blocked and reported to prevent further inappropriate comments. The following types of comments may be removed at Soldier On’s discretion: 

  • Comments advocating illegal acts (including copyright violations) or containing links to anything illegal 

  • Libelous or potentially libelous statements 

  • Derogatory comments based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, employment, or health status 

  • Comments that are not respectful of other members and their views 

  • Comments containing personally identifiable information about you or any other person 

  • Comments containing gratuitous or excessive profanity 

  • Material or links to material which could be considered obscene, pornographic, vulgar, or offensive 

  • Comments that promote or advocate commercial or political interests (including links to other websites) 

  • Comments in languages other than English or French 

  • Irrelevant or off-topic comments 

  • Comments that are repetitive or spam 

  • Requests for donations to organizations not associated with Soldier On 

By submitting a comment on these social media sites, you, as the user, agree to indemnify and hold harmless Soldier On against any liability and any and all third-party claims, demands, actions, or costs (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) arising from its publication, including but not limited to breach of confidentiality or copyright, libel, or any obscene, defamatory, blasphemous or other actionable statement you may make. 

We cannot engage in issues or answer questions that break the rules of this notice. Soldier On will not comment in the case of ongoing investigations, legal proceedings, or matters before Parliament. Comments used for party political purposes will not be published. We will take seriously and report to the proper authorities any threats to Soldier On, its employees, agents, other users or the federal government. 

All posted comments are in the public domain and may be used by the service provider (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) as stated in their Terms. Soldier On does not control the use of your information by the service provider or others. 

A few other important notes: 

  • You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username, and any information provided. To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, we recommend that you do not include personal information such as a phone number, email address, contact information, hometown, etc., in your comment. 

  • Additionally, users are reminded that their participation in these social media pages is subject to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s Terms, which you are encouraged to read. 

  • The views expressed in comments reflect those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Soldier On. 

  • Responses will generally be reviewed and posted during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday. 

  • Our decision to “follow,” “favourite,” or “subscribe” to another social media account does not imply an endorsement of that account, channel, page or site, and neither does sharing (re-tweeting, reposting or linking to) content from another user. 

  • Additional information can be found on the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces’ Terms and Conditions section of the Web site. 

If you have questions about the comment guidelines or how we apply them, please contact us at 

Official Languages 

Many social media platforms have multiple language options and provide instructions on how to set your preferences. The Government of Canada respects the Official Languages Act and is committed to ensuring that our information of is available in both French and English and that both versions are equal quality. 

We reply to comments in the official language in which they are posted. If we think the response is a question of general public interest, we may respond in both official languages. 

We may share links that direct users to sites of organizations or other entities that are not subject to the Official Languages Act and available only in the language(s) in which they are written. When content is available in only one language, we make an effort to provide similar content in the other official language.