Virtual Doodle Design Workshop for BC

On November 4 from 10 a.m. to noon, Soldier On will be hosting a Doodle and Designs Workshop with The Steel Spirit, where participants will learn the fundamentals of doodling and design art. During this two-hour virtual workshop, participants will be able to apply their designs in pictures and landscapes.

This event is open to registered Soldier On members from all of BC, and no experience is necessary! The only supplies needed are an ink pen, a pencil and eraser, paper, and a coin to help with drawing circles!

This event will introduce members to beginner-friendly, fun, at-home art ideas. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to sketch, doodle, and refine their drawing techniques, using supplies found around the house!

Join Soldier On and the Steel Spirit for a basic intro to doodle and design art. We'll begin with a warm up of various designs, then move these over to application towards pictures (i.e. landscape/animals). This event is open invitation, and is open to all levels of art ability! The only supplies you need are a black pen (felt tip or fine tip), pencil (mechanical pencil if possible), eraser, ruler, change (toonie, loonie, dime - for drawing circles), white paper and possibly glasses/magnifying glass or monocle *may attempt some small designs!

The workshop will be delivered via ZOOM, so participants should be comfortable signing onto a video-calling platform.

Assistance throughout the event will be provided courtesy of Barbara Brown, The Steel Spirit.

The number of Soldier On participants is open to 20+ participants, based on expression of interest.

Minimum eligibility criteria
Any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from ALL BC REGIONS who acquired a permanent physical or mental health illness or injury while enrolled as a member of the CAF; whether attributable or not to service.

Serving Members
Medical clearance may be required by your chain of command. 

Mental & Physical Requirements
  • Participants must be able to tolerate two hours of light paced virtual activities.
  • Partipants will be joined with other ill/injured members and civilians, and therefore should be able to function in a virtual social environment.
  • Participants should have stable internet access, and must be able to check their email to login to the workshop.
    • A computer or device which allows access video calling via the ZOOM platform is necessary.
Nomination Forms must be received by Soldier On no later than the 28th of October 2021.
Express your interest here.

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