Introduction to Scuba in Ottawa, ON

Soldier On will be partnering with Under the Surface Scuba to host four weekly progressive introductory scuba sessions in two separate groups: one group on Thursdays, January 6-27, and another on Fridays, January 7-28 in Ottawa, ON at the Nepean Sportsplex pool at 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. This activity will bring together both serving and retired ill/injured CAF members, allowing participants to connect through peer support and encourage an active lifestyle.

16 ill/injured serving or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces will have the opportunity to learn the basics of scuba diving in a safe and fun environment while incorporating their skills in various exercises and drills to become comfortable with the activity. This event will assist in the continuation of a healthy lifestyle.

Under the Surface Scuba has developed an innovative approach to health and well-being utilizing the basics of the sport of scuba diving.

This event in partnership with Under the Surface Scuba will consist of four weekly one-hour sessions in a pool for two groups of eight members and will include restorative exercises, scuba skills and drills as well as team building activities to develop confidence, achievement, and self-esteem focusing on ability not disability.

Each session can have positive effects on mental health, physical fitness and improved relationships, especially for those with physical and mental injuries. No scuba diving experience necessary!

*Selected participates will be required to complete the service providers medical questionnaire which will require a physician’s signature. The form must be completed and signed prior to participation in the event.

Scuba equipment will be provided to all participants.

This program will be to allow participants the opportunity to learn the basics of scuba diving, providing an excellent opportunity to explore new possibilities and build a sense of identity that can lead to personal growth and a healthy lifestyle.

All skill levels are welcome, but this program will move at a pace comfortable for a beginner or someone with no prior scuba experience.

Assistance throughout the event will be provided courtesy of Under the Surface Scuba.

*Selected participants are required to attend all sessions.

The number of Soldier On participants is limited to 16.

Minimum eligibility criteria
Any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) from the National Capital Region who acquired a permanent physical or mental health illness or injury while enrolled as a member of the CAF; whether attributable or not to service.

Due to the fact that the event is in the NCR geographical area, travel assistance will not be provided.

Serving Members
Medical clearance may be required by your chain of command.

Mental & Physical Requirements
  • Participants must be able to tolerate one hour of moderate-paced activities throughout the session, once per week.
    • Additionally, participants interested in this event should possess basic swimming skills and be deemed medically fit for diving.
    • Medical authorization will be required prior for selected participation.
  • Participants should possess a base level of total body strength and be comfortable in aquatic environments.
  • Participants will be joined with other ill/injured members and civilians, and therefore should be able to function in a social environment.
Nomination Forms must be received by Soldier On no later than the 2nd of December, 2021.

Be advised that a proof of vaccination or vaccine passport will be required at the event.

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