IFly Parachute Simulation and Lacrosse in Calgary, AB

Soldier On will be hosting a lacrosse day and IFly parachute simulation day in Calgary, AB on the 12th and 13th of February. This will include a one-and-a-half-hour instruction of Lacrosse and two flying/ simulated freefalling sessions at the IFly venue. Equipment will be provided for lacrosse; however we encourage you to bring your own helmet if you have a hockey/lacrosse helmet.

Please note both venues/events are adaptable and accessible for all of our members to enjoy. Please watch this video in order to know what to expect.

Transport will not be supported for this event. Soldier On’s priority is the health and safety of our members, as such we are limiting this event to the Calgary geographical area.

This activity will bring together both serving and retired ill/injured CAF members, allowing participants to connect through peer support and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

The aim and scope of the practice will be to introduce basic lacrosse/parachuting techniques, introduce to different equipment and functionality, and demonstrate that these are adaptable sports open to most any ability or disability, but most of all - to have fun!

Using lacrosse and parachuting as part of their recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Regardless of the current skill level, the participants will receive expert instruction on lacrosse and parachuting.

The event will include basic instruction on lacrosse techniques by professional National Lacrosse League players/coaches. The IFly experience will by one-on-one training from the certified instructors as IFly, you will have the opportunity to have two different flying experiences.  

Assistance throughout the event will be provided courtesy of Indoor Skydiving at Canada in Calgary, and players and coaches of the Calgary Roughnecks.

The number of Soldier On participants is limited to 12.

Minimum eligibility criteria
Any serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) within one hour of the Calgary Region who acquired a permanent physical or mental health illness or injury while enrolled as a member of the CAF; whether attributable or not to service.

Serving Members
Medical clearance may be required by your chain of command.

Mental & Physical Requirements
  • Participants must be able to tolerate three hours of light/moderate-paced activities for two days in a row.
  • Participants will be joined with other ill/injured members and civilians, and therefore should be able to function in a social environment.
Nomination Forms must be received by Soldier On no later than the 3rd of February 2022.
Express your interest here.

Participants will need to show proof of Vaccination as the Sport Providers comply with the Restriction Exemption Program. Valid Photo identification that matches the vaccine record and a paper or digital vaccine record that shows name, vaccine and date of administration.

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