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Meet the Team

Meet the athletes competing on Team Canada in the next Warrior Games. Biographies are organized in alphabetical order by last name.

BARLOW-AMY-1-2.jpgMed Tech – Army 

Hometown: St Catharine’s, ON 

Current Residence: Port Colborne, ON 

Amy deployed to Bosnia and Afghanistan. “While my injuries have certainly changed my life it hasn't all been for the worse. My injuries have challenged me to find solutions to achieve things in new ways.” Amy applied for the Warrior Games because she missed the team/family aspect of the military.  She began cycling after her medical release and is looking forward to doing it competitively. She is also looking forward to indoor rowing and sitting volleyball.  Amy is grateful for her family and friends who not only supported her through her career but continue to do so through her recovery. 

Batter-Deborah-1.jpgRetired MSE OP - Army 

Hometown: 100 Mile House, BC 

Current Residence: West Kelowna 

Debbie deployed overseas to JTF Afghanistan and was involved in domestic operations in response to an ice storm.  Debbie has an invisible injury that developed over time but remains grateful for the opportunity to still see the world, to serve, her life experiences and gained knowledge as well as the friends she has made.  Aside from the sustained injuries and the hard times, she would do it again.  Debbie’s motto is, “Go ahead, throw me to the wolves, I’ll come back leading the pack.”  

She will be competing in shooting, archery and in wheel chair basketball. 

Carrier-Daisy-1.jpgArmour – 12th RBC 

Hometown: Forestville 

Current Residence: Forestville 

Daisy deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. During that time, she lost her best friend by EOD. She was diagnosed with PTSD. Her life has changed a lot while dealing with anxiety, stress, and isolation. It made it very difficult to manage on a daily basis.  

Daisy looks to sports as medicine. Seeing other veterans overcome adversity through sport encourages and inspires her to participate in the Warrior Games. 

She is most grateful to have returned home from her mission alive. Daisy wants to make her 3-year-old daughter proud. Her guiding principle is, “Trust and believe.” 

Daisy will be competing in shooting, swimming and wheelchair rugby.

Dulude-Jonathan-1.jpgCook - Navy 

Hometown: Lahr 

Current Residence: Cumberland, BC

Johnathan was medically released from the CAF and joined the Warrior Games to find his purpose and self-identity. Moreover, to represent his country in an effort to also empower others to do the same.  He is grateful for his family; especially his furry best friend who keeps him grounded and provides plenty of support. Johnathan will be competing in biking, cyling, swimming and wheel chair basketball. 

“Keep going, enjoy every moment you never know what's going to happen. There’s always a silver lining of hope, no matter how far or small the light may be.” 

Fischer-Kristin-1.jpgPAO – Army 

Hometown: London, ON 

Current Residence: Petawawa, ON 

 Kristin has been deployed to Latvia and Kuwait.  Kristin has competed in past powerlifting competitions and won. He has also even represented the CAF at Canadian Powerlifting Championships.  His injury has affected his day-to-day life, especially his love for powerlifting but that is not stopping him from competing at the Warrior Games where he will participate in field, powerlifting and wheelchair rugby. Kristin is most grateful for his family who continue to motivate him and keep him striving to be better. 

Florent-Martin-1.jpgSupply Tech – Army 

Hometown: Victoriaville, QC 

Current Residence: Pembroke, ON 

Martin deployed three times to Afghanistan. He was medically released in 2018, after having two back surgeries which prevented him from running and being active. He has been selected to participate in the Warrior Games. This opportunity has lifted his spirits and encouraged him to jump back into training to represent his country.   

“I'm very grateful to have an amazing wife who is always by my side to help support me during good and bad moments, she's my best friend, my Angel, and without her I don't think I’d be writing this bio right now. Also, I am grateful to have my service dog Ginger who provides support when I attend my appointments during the week. She's a great dog helping me a lot with my PTSD.” 

Martin will be competing in archery, sitting volleyball and indoor rowing.

Fortier-Yanick-1.jpgAm Sup - Air Force 

Hometown: Montreal, QC 

Current Residence: Saguenay, QC 

Yanick deployed to Afghanistan and was part of the Bagotville, QC, Ground Search and Rescue. He applied to the Warrior Games to prove to himself that he is still valuable despite being medically released.  He will be competing in power lifting, sitting volleyball and precision air sports.  He is grateful to see his grandson grow up and being able to be there for those, he loves. 

 “Don’t look back.” 


Medical Technician - Army 

Hometown: Cardigan, PEI 

Current Residence: Cherry Grove, Alberta 

Shannon has been deployed to Afghanistan. Her service-related injuries have affected every aspect of her life but through recovery, she has found meaning and purpose.  Shannon applied to the Warrior Games because she was finally in a place in her recovery where she felt capable.  She is grateful for her family and closest friends, “Without them all, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Shannon will compete in wheelchair rugby, shooting and field.


Artillery Officer - Army 

Hometown: Toronto, ON 

Current Residence: Sydenham, ON 

Andrew has participated in multiple overseas deployments such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea as well as domestic operations in response to ice storms.  After many years of service and operational stress his injuries had affected Andrew’s mental health. After seeking support through the mental health system, he gained acceptance of his limitations.  He applied to the Warrior Games to be an example to others who may need physical and mental health support.  Andrew is grateful for his wife of 25 years, Brenda and their two sons, Andrew and Mathew. “Life is good.” 

Andrew will be competing in archery, air rifle and seated volleyball. 


Infantry – Army 

Hometown: Wainwright 

Current Residence: Spruce Grove 

Troy deployed to Afghanistan and participated in OP Nunavut where he spent time in the high Arctic.  His diagnosis of PTSD along with anxiety and depression has made life extremely difficult.  The opportunity to represent Canada with peers who are like-minded and struggle with the same issues has motivated Troy to get out there and be a part of something that will have a positive impact on his mental health in a positive way. Troy’s lifelong lesson is, “Life is worth living! With hard work and dedication and the overwhelming amount of support that I have received from both family and friends, I am able to see the light and live my life in a positive way.”  He will be competing in wheelchair rugby, powerlifting and shooting. 


Infantry – Army 

Hometown: Belleville, ON 

Current Residence: Edmonton, AB 

Kevin has served on overseas deployments to Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.  His injuries have impacted his ability to do his job and be as active as he used to be, but has found motivation from teamwork and Esprit des Corp to apply for the Warrior Games. Kevin will be competing in cycling, shooting and swimming.  Kevin’s lifelong lesson, “Try and be patient and sometimes you just have to roll with what life gives you.” 


Infantry – Army 

Hometown: Nanaimo, BC 

Current Residence: Nanaimo, BC

John comes from a proud military family where his grandfather served in WW2 as a pilot. John experienced a stressful neck and back surgery. Despite the setbacks, he will still be competing in track,  indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, and powerlifting.  John is deeply grateful for his son, Coastan who has taught him so much.  

 John’s motto, “Life will have many unfolding’s”  


Nurse – Army 

Hometown: Mermaid PEI 

Current Residence: Maquapit Lake, NB 

Lisa deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. She started her career in the CAF in the AD Artillery before switching over to Medic and finally as a Nurse. She was also a first responder when the crash of Flight 111 took place off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998.  After her career ended, Lisa’s overall health and closest relationships suffered. In the past 3 years, she has worked hard to improve her health by competing in various races such as a half marathon and a triathlon. She remains ready for even bigger challenges ahead.  Lisa will be competing in swimming, track and wheelchair  basketball.  She remains grateful for the continued love and support from her family and friends.

Jimenez-Juan-1.jpgArtillery – Army 

Hometown: Colombia 

Current Residence: Saint Alexandre, QC 

Juan has been deployed on domestic operations in response to natural disasters throughout Canada, and the gratitude expressed by the local communities has been the most rewarding experience of his career.  His injuries have impacted his life both negatively and positively. “I joined the CAF to help others and have a unique experience and I believe that I did achieve my goal. Today, I've learned to live with pain, recognized my needs and moved forward to many more chapters ahead.”  Juan applied for the Warrior Games to get out of his comfort zone, learn new skills that would allow him to meet new people and look for ways to help others along the way.  Juan will be competing in track, indoor rowing, powerlifting and wheelchair rugby.  He is grateful for his family and the opportunity to see a day every day. 

 “Pain is temporary…giving up is forever.” 


Naval Combat Information Operator – Navy 

Hometown: Halifax, NS 

Current Residence: Victoria, BC 

Victoria is grateful to have served in the Navy on both the East Coast and the West Coast of Canada. She has applied to the Warrior Games to compete in powerlifting, sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball.   


Infantry 3R22R – Armée 

Hometown : Ville Sainte-Catherine, Quebec 

Current Residence : Saint-Raymond, Quebec 

Jean-François deployed overseas to Mali on OP Presence. He also deployed domestically on OP Lentus in Quebec in response to flooding. Jean-François was in a coma for over 2 weeks after losing his left leg in a motorcycle accident but he was determined to get back on the field with his colleagues. “The Warrior Games are a great opportunity to live a moment with other people who are living a rough moment themselves.”  Jean-François is grateful for his family and friends who never left his side during those hard times.    

He participated in the 2022 Invictus Games in The Hague and will be competing in the Warrior Games in archery, cycling and field. 

"Adapt. Evolve. Overcome." 

Landry-John-David-1.jpgField Engineer - Army
Hometown: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Current Residence: Sydney, Nova Scotia
David deployed to Golan Heights, Camp Mirage and Operation Unified Protector in Libya.  Due to his injuries, David is limited in the activities he can enjoy with his wife and son.  His favourite sports and hobbies, such as cycling and baseball cause him much pain.  When he attended the 2022 Invictus Games in The Hague as as a friend of a competitor, it provided him with the opportunity to learn more about his own capabilities and potential. He realized having access to a support network and dedicated team had greatly moved him to push his own limits.  It is an experience he will never forget.  David will be competing in archery and shooting.  He remains entirely grateful for his family and the life lessons learned from a long military career. 

Naval Communications Operator – Navy 

Hometown: Brockville, ON 

Current Residence: Victoria, BC 

Ben deployed to the Middle East in 2012 He was encouraged by a fellow teammate to apply for the Warrior Games and will be competing in wheelchair basketball and indoor rowing.  Ben is grateful for his two best friends who he has known since the second grade. His lifelong lesson is, “Follow your instincts.” 


Material Management Technician – Air Force 
Hometown: Merville in the Comox Valley, BC
Current Residence: Medicine Hat, AB

Robert’s career is highlighted by making lifelong friends, all across Canada.  From the Comox valley, BC to Greenwood, NS, and all the way to Australia.  His career has allowed Robert to circumnavigate the globe and traveled within 820kms of the North Pole.
After sustaining an injury during work up training in 2019, the impact was life altering.  It has forced him to slow down, change, and even stop some activities like swimming all together. He applied to the Warrior Games for a chance to learn from world class coaches and motivating staff.  His resilience and determination are helping him pushing forward toward to overcoming the new limitations.

He is still learning how to overcome the new challenges created by his injury by doing some of his favorite activities and will be competing in archery, precision air sports, and cycling. Robert is grateful for his wife & partner Gemma who has been by his side throughout.
“ASK for help, Struggling doesn’t mean you are failing”
“Tell your story of what you overcame; knowing it could become someone else’s survival guide”


Vehicle Technician - Army 

Hometown: Quesnel, BC 

Current Residence: Oromocto, NB 

Sabrina deployed to the Golan Heights on Roto 81.  “I retired in July 2021 and I was part of a huge community while serving. You see each other at work each day. Now that I am retired, I didn't know where I belonged and I lost my way. Being part of Team Canada gave me a sense of purpose and a goal to work towards. Being physically active has helped me with my mental wellbeing as well.”  Sabrina will be competing in indoor rowing, powerlifting and sitting volleyball.  She is grateful for her wife Shân, family, friends and her fur babies, Modo and Soda.


Artillery – Army 

Hometown: Chilliwack, BC 

Current Residence: Shilo, MB 

Jason has suffered a knee injury that has slowed his career progression and affected his family life.  “I have always been very athletic and participated in many sports.  I wanted to join the Warrior Games to participate in some new sports and to golf in Florida! I also want to show my four children that even an injury cannot slow their dad down.”  Jason is grateful for his family and the ability to enjoy the outdoors that Canada has to offer.  He will be competing in sitting volleyball, archery, and shooting. 


Master Warrant Officer – Firefighter 
Hometown: Oakville, ON 
Current residence: Cold Lake, AB 

Garrett has served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Firefighter in multiple locations across the country and abroad. He deployed with both the Air Force and the Navy. Leading and training firefighters as a platoon WO was the most rewarding and positive experience throughout his career. Another career highlight was contributing to the rescue of three people during OP Nanook in Resolute Bay, NU in 2011. 

Garrett’s recent amputation has brought him to a crossroads where he is contemplating what career he would like to pursue in the future and how he would like to continue to contribute to the CAF. Garrett is trying to find ways to still be able to compete and be active in athletics. This gives him something positive to focus on while completing his rehabilitation and prosthesis process. 

Garrett will be competing in the field and sitting volleyball. 


Materiel Management Technician – Navy 

Hometown: Edmonton Alberta 

Current Residence: Bruderheim 

Kelly has 31 years of service. He sailed on 11 ships with 18 years of sea time, 1515 sea days and has been deployed on 6 operations.  He has battled mental health challenges and has even faced Cancer with enormous strength and fortitude.  His greatest motivation in applying for the Warrior Games was to go out there and prove that he can succeed, regardless if he won or not. “Representing Canada abroad has been my life. Representing Team Canada has been a lifelong dream.”  Kelly is grateful for his 4 children. 

Kelly’s motto “You can't achieve what you don't start. If you want something, you have to work for it. You don't need to win to succeed. Love starts with yourself.” 

Kelly will be competing incycling, shooting, field and wheelchair basketball.


Ammo Tech – Army 

Hometown: Montreal, QC 

Current Residence: Bruno, SK

Fred deployed to Bosnia, Haiti and Yugoslavia and has 14 years of experience working as EOD/IED.  Fred experienced an injury that resulted in him being medically released causing a major strain in his family life. He was motivated to join the Warrior Games after being encouraged by a persistent friend.  Fred will be competing in archery, wheelchair basketball and indoor rowing. 

Fred’s motto is, “Get it done.” 

Roy-Pierre-1.jpgInfantrie – Armée 

Hometown: Bathurst N-B 

Current Residence: Playa Del Carmen Mexique 

Pierre was deployed to Afghanistan. Even though this mission changed him, he has no regrets. Pierre suffers from PTSD and his injury has had many devastating implications on his life and career. Despite several reintegration’s, he was declared totally and permanently disabled. 

After Pierre released from the CAF, he found all the excuses to not participate in sports. In October 2017, he was invited by Soldier On to partake in the USMC Marathon in Washington. This event changed his life, he met several people who inspired him to restart physical activity. To this day, he lost almost all the weight gained. He trains regularly with the goal of participating in either the Warrior Games or Invictus Games to proudly represent his country. Pierre is grateful to be alive and to live fully despite his limitations. He accepts the challenges that come with his situation but feels a sense of privilege to be surrounded by loved ones. He is grateful for his wife’s support. 

Pierre’s motto, “"I am a warrior." For several years I have worn a bracelet with this phrase. This bracelet has become a part of me and reminds me that I am a warrior and to never stop fighting. “ 

He will be competing in track and field, wheelchair rugby, swimming and indoor rowing. 


Signal Operator – Army 

Hometown: Rockland, ON 

Current Residence: Ottawa, ON 

Ashlee medically released from the CAF, she felt caged in and unable to reach her full potential.  It was this reason that she applied for the Warrior Games to inspire others who are dealing with mental health challenges and show them it is possible to reach their goals.  She is most grateful for her grandparents, her husband and her children.  Ashlee’s lifelong lesson is “Be thankful for the hard times, because they help you appreciate the good times.”  Ashlee will be competing in track, field and air sports.


Air Navigator and Air Traffic Controller – Air Force 

Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario 

Current Residence: Edmonton, Alberta 

Franz deployed on OP Apollo Roto 0.  He experiences hearing difficulties, particularly in large groups and settings but his perseverance and hard work continue to lead to him to resilience. He wishes to proudly represent his country with a team of others who share a similar journey of transition. Franz believes, “The definition of success evolves with time and often just participating and competing can feel as great as when you win at an event.” Franz will be competing in cycling, precision air sports-pistol and sitting volleyball.  He remains grateful for his family and their continued support over his 31 years of continuing service. 


Postal – Army 

Hometown: Redcliff, Alberta 

Current Residence:  Regina Beach, Saskatchewan 

Wade has been to Haiti, Golan Heights, Bosnia and Afghanistan.  He completed 34 years of service rising to the rank of MWO.  Wade applied to the Warrior Games to improve his quality of daily life, which has been negatively affected by PTSD and physical injuries.  He will be competing in archery and field.

Wade’s motto is, “Keep moving forward.” 


Search & Rescue – Air Force 

Hometown: Saint John 

Current Residence: Saint John 

Kirk has 13 years of CAF parachuting and operations and training in support of Canadian Search & Rescue. He has suffered numerous injuries including hip and shoulder replacements and severe osteoarthritis.  He also suffers from PTSD and chronic pain.  Kirk applied for the Warrior Games because he is highly motivated and seeks out challenges in the daily life and is proud to represent Canada as a veteran.  He will be competing in archery, shooting and wheelchair basketball.

Kirk’s lifelong lesson is, “I learned early on in my career that I possessed the physical and mental attributes and internal fortitude to meet difficult and challenging situations head on and overcome those challenges. I learned the power of a highly motivated and trained team in responding to any challenges.” 


HRA – Army 

Hometown: Petawawa, ON 

Current Residence: Kingston, ON 

Retired Sgt Laurie Thorlakson joined the CAF in Jul 1992.  She has had the opportunity to train with various deployable units and participated in training events during her career such as Basic Mountain Training in the Canadian Rockies and Survival Training Jarvis Lake as well as Fast-Roping, Rappelling, Leading Live-Fire Section Attacks and supporting Helicopter Insertion Training in Yuma, Arizona to name a few.  “Being forced to medically release was devastating and depressing and the realism of my injuries had to finely be accepted and it was so hard to remain motivated and enthusiastic and to turn off the failure negative voice in my mind.”  Laurie has personally know former participants from past Games where she has drawn inspiration from their past experiences.  Laurie will be competing in Shooting, Swimming, Power Lifting and Wheelchair Rugby.

MicrosoftTeams-image-1.pngHRA/FSA – Air Force 

Hometown: La Baie, Québec 

Current Residence: Charlottetown 

Chantale served 19 years and retired as a Warrant Officer.  Her injury has greatly disrupted her life, her job and relationships.  Applying for the Warrior Games 2022 was her way to overcome PTSD and to feel motivated again.  Chantale will be competing in sitting basketball, track, cycling and throw discus.  She is grateful for the love and support of her family as they are her backbone.  She keeps herself grounded in gratitude by taking small steps every day to become a better person. 


NWO – Navy 

Hometown: Brantford, ON 

Current Residence: Shawnigan Lake, BC 

Raymond deployed to Afghanistan.  He has felt isolated because of his injury but has applied to compete in the Warrior Games to get out of his comfort zone and connect with other likeminded people.  “Injuries are not a hindrance; they are life experiences that provide opportunities to adapt and grow in areas of life that would not have otherwise been explored.”  Raymond will be competing in track, precision air sports and sitting volleyball.   He is grateful for his family. 


Military Police – Army 

Hometown: Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce 

Current Residence : St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier 

Karine deployed to Afghanistan in 2018, as a Guard. She was first place in a power lifting competition in St-Jean in 2017 and received a, ‘Best Team Player Award’, at the National Hockey in 2020.  


Sadly, Karine’s injury caused her many problems. The Warrior Games allow her to restart physical training, which boost her self-esteem and confidence. It gives her a sense of deep pride. Karine will be competing as the Ultimate Champion  in the following categories: Archery, Shooting, Track, Field, Cycling, Swimming, Power lifting and Indoor Rowing. She  is embracing life fully again. She is grateful for all the love and support and knows that, “Life is not always rosy but it’s important to roll up your sleeve and continue.” She is very grateful to have her wife by her side at all times. 

Karine’s motto is, “The prayer of Serenity.” I do not use it for consumption because I do not consume, but because this motto joins me by its principles.” 


Officier d'artillerie – Armée 

Hometown : Thetford Mines 

Current Residence: Quebec 

Patrick deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan as a Forward Observer Officer and Air Controller. He finds it difficult to accept the fact that he is not the same person as he once was before. Patrick was diagnosed with PTSD. He has a difficult time while being out in public places and even when commuting. This has unfortunately led him to isolate himself from loved ones. The Warrior Games provide Patrick the opportunity to take on personal challenges and feel a sense of pride and purpose. He would like to demonstrate his resilience and abilities to himself and his family.  Patrick believes, “Life is fragile, never take it for granted. Every difficult moment we go through is a force for the next battles.” 

Patrick is very grateful for his fiancé and his children. He will be competing in track and field and wheelchair rugby. 

MicrosoftTeams-image.pngInfantry - Army 

Hometown: Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS 

Current Residence: Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS 

Christopher deployed on Task Force 1-10 Afghanistan.  After coming home and experiencing difficulties reintegrating back into society he suffered depression, loneliness and PTSD, which led him to become homeless living on the streets of Toronto.  In 2016, Christopher started his recovery journey.  One of his fondest experiences about serving was the brotherhood and family like bonds, which he is now able to experience again through sports.    

The two lifelong lessons that stick out to him the most are:   

1. I always have the ability to restart my day and change the outcome.  

2. Community and support are the keys to a fulfilling life.  

Christopher will be competing in powerlifting, Indoor-rowing, field and wheelchair Rugby.