Meet the Team

Meet the athletes competing on Team Canada for the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023. Biographies are organized in alphabetical order by last name.

MWO, Land Equipment Engineering Technologist  
Service Branch: Army  
Hometown: Codroy Valley, NL  
Current Residence: Amherstview, ON   

MWO Dion Anderson is an Army Land Equipment Engineering Technologist and is from Codroy Valley, NL. He’s been posted to Borden, Edmonton, Halifax, Petawawa and twice to Kingston before settling in Amherstview, ON. Over the course of his career, he’s been deployed to Alert, Golan Heights, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. He was also deployed to Vancouver in support on the 2010 Olympics (Op Podium). His career highlight is completing 33 years of service and being able to compete in the Invictus Games 2023 as a serving member.   

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games is camaraderie, “I look forward to the opportunity to interact with other military brothers and sisters in arms to share experiences and achieve our personal best while having a good time.” He notes that recovery doesn’t always feel linear, “it is somewhat hard some days to measure where I am at with my recovery process. It has been a long and difficult journey dealing with PTSD and irregular heart activity. Despite this I feel that I am slowly making steps forward with the support of my family. They never turned their backs on me, they deserve a medal for supporting me through my recovery.”   

He will be participating in Archery, Rowing, and Wheelchair Basketball.  


LCdr- Naval Logistics Officer 
Service branch: Navy 
Hometown: Hampton, NB  
Current Residence: Ottawa, ON  
“I am strong, I am enough, I will not let MST define me!”    

Tracey Barlow is a Naval Logistics Officer originally from Hampton, NB. She was posted to Halifax, Toronto and Esquimalt, before her current posting in Ottawa, ON. While serving in HMCS VANCOUVER she participated in OP CARIBBE and a SOUTHPLOY to Central and South America. Her career highlight was being the Canadian Submarine Force Logistics Officer, coordinating and supporting the international deployment of two submarines, based on different coasts, during overlapping six-month deployments. “I have never been prouder than when I led a dedicated and hardworking logistics team whose enthusiasm and commitment directly contributed to the success of these missions.”   

She was motivated to apply for the Invictus Games in order to bring awareness to the struggles for women who choose a career in the CAF, “I want to shine a spotlight on Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and that the diagnosis of PTSD is not just for soldiers in war. It happens domestically, in Canada, with events of sexual trauma affecting everyday life. I also wanted to focus on getting healthy both physically and mentally and felt that this would be a good opportunity to face new challenges and reinvent myself.”    

She will be participating in Archery, Rowing, and Wheelchair Rugby. 


Cpl (Ret) - Armoured  
Service Branch: Army 
Hometown: London, ON  
Current residence: New Maryland, NB   
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”  

Alan Beer joined the Army in 2009. He was posted to the Royal Canadian Dragoons in Petawawa, ON until his release in 2017. He has since settled in New Maryland, NB, where he now resides with his wife Gabriella.  

His motivation to apply for Invictus was the potential challenge the games present, “I knew if selected it would be extremely challenging for me. I wanted to push myself and prove to myself that I am still capable despite my injuries.”   

He will compete in Archery and Basketball. 


Sgt (Ret)- Medic 
Service Branch: Air Force  
Hometown: Charlottetown, PEI  
Current Residence: Rockland, ON  
“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”— Albus Dumbledore   

Bob Beaudry is a retired Air Force Medic from Charlottetown, PEI who now resides in Rockland, ON. Over the course of his career, he has been deployed five times between the Balkans, NATO, and the Middle East. His career highlight has been working with OSISS (Operational Stress Injury Social Support) and helping others who are living with their own injuries. Living with PTSD and Chronic pain, from injuries sustained while serving, he says that the challenge Invictus presents is the motivation he needs to continue to heal. “I needed to change the way I live and I needed something huge that would motivate me. I have lost several close friends because of their own struggles. I want to show people that no matter how dark things can get, there is hope, you can move past the darkness and thrive. Sometimes this is done by taking a leap of faith, and Invictus is my leap of faith.”  

He will compete in Archery, Swimming, and Wheelchair Rugby  


Service Branch: Army  
Hometown: Bécancour, QC  
Current Residence: Pont-Rouge, QC  
“Lightweight baby” Former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman  

Michel has been posted to CFB Valcartier and CANSOFCOM.  He has been deployed to Bosnia twice, Afghanistan twice, Mali, Niger, Senecal, Iraq and Belize.   He received The Meritorious Service Medal for providing care to hundreds of wounded in action in Iraq in 2016 and received the Member of Military Merit Order in 2022.  His injuries resulted in social distancing, anger, depression, feeling guilty and worthless, nightmares and substance abuse.  This led to him having trouble taking care of himself and having a difficult transition from being extremely busy to a more civilian lifestyle.    

Michel applied for the Invictus Games to face his fears, keep progressing thru challenges, emotional feeling from personal goal/result.  He is most grateful for the support of his family through all the ups and downs.  “Take one day at a time, make small steps forward every day.”  

Michel will be competing in archery compound bow, shot put, discus throw, wheelchair basketball.  


Pte (Ret) - Armoured Crewman  
Service branch: Army  
Hometown: Petawawa, ON  
Current Residence: Fort Saskatchewan, AB   
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”  

John Blair is an Army Armoured Crewman from Petawawa, ON. He was posted to Gagetown before settling in Fort Saskatchewan, AB where he now resides. His career highlights have been the joy of working on armoured vehicles, pushing himself physically, meeting soldiers from other nations, and making lifelong friends.  

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was seeking closure, “My career in the military was relatively short, and I was left feeling like I didn't get a chance to truly represent my country or do something in return for the quality of life it has provided me. In my mind Invictus is a chance to do my country proud and find a form a closure.”   

He will be competing in Archery, Powerlifting, and Wheelchair Rugby.


Capt- Intelligence Officer  
Service branch: Army  
Hometown: Shediac, NB  
Current Residence: Ottawa, ON   
“Set aside stigmas, egos and look beyond the physical and emotional pain… there is positive light on the horizon waiting for you!”  

Bernard Caissie is an Intelligence Officer from Shediac, NB. He’s been posted to Moncton, Gagetown, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Nairobi in Kenya. He was deployed to Bosnia and Afghanistan, and participated in missions across Eastern Europe, Eastern and Western Africa, and the Caribbean. His career highlight was the honor to have worked as the National Director for Global Defence Attaché Intelligence Operations.  

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was the spirit of the Games, “the numerous competitors and teammates of the Invictus Games has been a personal inspiration to persevere and continue my path to recovery, regardless of how hard and challenging it may be. I want to use this opportunity to inspire others to never give up on themselves and their recovery. That is what drives me to pursue the Invictus Games.”  

He will partake in Cycling, Track and Field, and Wheelchair Basketball.  


2Lt (Ret)- Infantry Officer 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Paradise, NL  
Current Residence: Manotick, ON  
"I am strong, I am powerful, and I am in control".  

Natalie Chafe-Yuan was an Army Infantry Officer from Paradise, NL. She has had postings in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nunavut, before settling in Manotick, just outside Ottawa, ON, where she currently resides. Her career highlight was being posted to the Joint Task Force North and working in Iqaluit and participating in Op NANOOKs.  

Her motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was to empower and encourage herself and her peers, “As a female in combat arms, I often felt alone, powerless and under constant pressure to prove myself. I experienced physical injury and Military Sexual Trauma while serving. I sincerely hope that my story may resonate with others so that they feel comforted, empowered, and encouraged to find their own voices as well as their own path to healing.”   

She will compete in Rowing, Swimming and Volleyball.  


Sgt (Ret) - Infantry 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Évangéline, NB  
Current Residence: Shannon, QC   
“Never give up, fight, fight, fight!”  

Daniel Comeau was in the Infantry with the Royal 22nd Regiment and is originally from Évangéline, NB. He’s been posted to Valcartier and Gagetown, before settling in Shannon, QC where he now resides. Over the course of his career, he’s been deployed to Bosnia (2002), and Afghanistan (2004, 2012, 2013). The highlight of his career has been receiving a Commendation that was presented to him by Brigadier-General Jocelyn Lacroix.  

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games is to bring honour to his country and bring pride to his service for his country, “ The spirit of teamwork and meeting my peers who have had similar experiences, is an incredible experience that will allow me to reach new heights in my personal journey, it will be a challenge of my determination and my resilience, all while testing my personal growth.” 

He will be participating in Powerlifting, Archery, and Wheelchair Basketball.  


Cpl (Ret) - Field Artillery, Materials Technician and Traffic Technician 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Vancouver, BC  
Current Residence: Edmonton, AB  
“Always ask when you want something, otherwise the answer will always be No.”  

Jessica Dajko was a Field Artillery, Materials Technician and Traffic Technician. She was deployed to assist in local emergencies during the Kelowna Fires (2003), and again for the Calgary Floods (2013). Her career highlights are the people she helped throughout her career, and all the friends she made through military sports.  

Her motivation to apply for the Invictus Games is to bring awareness to the stigma surrounding eating disorders and other mental health illnesses. “I had to learn how to connect and communicate again following my hearing loss. I want to show others with eating disorders or hearing loss that these are nothing to be ashamed of. I'm not limited by anything, learning American Sign Language is opening up my world and I've gained clear communication, rich in culture, anyone can learn, just try.”  

She will be competing in Swimming, Sitting volleyball, and Track and Field.  


WO - Armoured Crewman 
Service branch: Army  
Hometown: Dresden, ON  
Current Residence: PEI  

Kenton Dill is an Army CRMN from Dresden, ON. He’s been posted to Petawawa, Kingston, CFLRS St-Jean, and Charlottetown. Over the course of his career, he was deployed to Bosnia (2003), Kabul (2005), and Afghanistan (2007). His career highlight has been seeing the impact of what it means to put others before himself, not just within his troop mates and their families, but also within the communities in Canada and abroad.  

His motivation for applying to Invictus was the legacy of the Games, “the stories and accomplishments of other members and how they were empowered by others like themselves, to have the feeling of being part of a team again.  

He will be competing in Swimming, Rowing, and Volleyball.  


Lt (Ret) - Infantry  
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Boucherville, QC  
Current Residence: Asheville, North Carolina US  

Eric Dionne is a retired Army Infantry Soldier and is from Boucherville, QC. He was posted to Quebec City in the 3rd Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment, St-Jean and Ottawa, before settling in Asheville, North Carolina, USA where he now resides. Over the course of his career, he’s been deployed to Afghanistan three times, and Haiti. His career highlight is receiving a MSM and an Officer commission.    

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was to continue having new experiences, “The best part of the Army experience is getting to travel and meet other people from different cultures. This is another opportunity to continue meeting different people living similar experiences.”    

He will be competing in Indoor Rowing, Archery, and Wheelchair Rugby.  


MCpl- Infantry 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Dundas, ON  
Current Residence: Hamilton, ON  

Rory Figliola is an Army Infantry soldier from Dundas, ON. He was posted to Brampton, before settling in Hamilton, ON where he now resides. Originally posted to Edmonton for 8 years with 3 PPCLI and then RSS to a reserve unit as the ISSO, Transport Sgt and OIC.  He has also been deployed once for Op Reassurance. His career highlight has been the people, places, and things he had the opportunity to experience during his career.   

The Invictus Games presented a clear motivation for him, “it’s given me that kick-start I needed to try some new sports and find new ways to adapt going forward.” He’s had to work hard to overcome the challenges brought by his injury, “Mentally it’s rough, when you can’t play the sports or do the activities you love. The next thing you know you’re just in this black hole. It’s taken a lot of work to get where I am now, and more work to go. I’ve learned that it’s alright to ask for help, and with some work you can get back to the person you use to be. For that, I’m very grateful to my friends and family, they helped me get back out of the black hole.”  

He will be competing in Cycling, Wheelchair Basketball, and Track and Field.   



MCpl - Mobile Support Equipment Operator  
Service branch: Air Force  
Hometown: Windsor, ON  
Current residence: Deseronto, ON  
“Live for today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!” 

James has been in the Canadian Armed Forces for over 20 years. He has been posted to many Canadian cities during his service, such as Petawawa, Greenwood, Halifax, and Kingston, now residing in Deseronto, ON with this wife Sgt Amanda Landry and their four fur babies (two dogs and two cats). He has served in deployments to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kandahar, and Egypt.  One of his favourite career highlights was teaching at the Combat Service Support School from 2008-2010.  

He was encouraged to apply for the Invictus Games by his friend, former 2022 Warrior Games participant, Jonathan Dulude. Seeing his friend participate inspired him. He has become the “unofficial” bag piper for Team Canada.  

He will be participating in Rowing, Track and Field, and Sitting Volleyball.  


OCdt – Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer 
Service Branch: Army   
Hometown: Heidelberg, Germany  
Current Residence: Ottawa, ON   
“So others may live.”   

Rob Gilmour is an Army CIC Officer from Heidelberg, Germany, who now resides in Ottawa, ON as a professional CRASH Rescue firefighter with the Ottawa International Airport and a volunteer firefighter with the Ottawa Fire Services. During his service, he was deployed to Afghanistan. The highlight of his career has been “having the opportunity to serve with incredible people, to serve my country at home and overseas”, which he continues to do in his spare time as he has founded Rise and Conquer, a charitable organization that provides educational bursaries to military personnel, veterans, first responders and search and rescue personnel.    

His motivation to apply for the Invictus Games is to find purpose, “I wanted to be a part of something bigger that can keep me motivated. I applied because I want to be a part of something I could be proud of. I want to compete for Canada and win.”     

He will compete in Archery, Discus, Shot put, and Wheelchair Basketball.    


Sgt (Ret) – Armoured  
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Saint-John, NB  
Current Residence: Rothesay, NB 

“Every morning I wake up, I make a choice to be better than I was yesterday and grow for tomorrow”   

Patrick Gordon was posted to the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Royal Canadian Regiment in Edmonton, AB in 2004 where he would serve until his medical release in 2016.  Patrick has been deployed to Afghanistan 3 times and it was on his 2008 tour where he survived an IED strike that resulted in a broken neck, multiple herniated discs in his back, a TBI and eventually developed PTSD, severe anxiety and depression.     

After his release from the CAF, Patrick’s weight ballooned up to 300lbs and was self-medicating with prescription drugs and alcohol.  One year after his release, he realized he was failing himself and his family.  He took control of his life; he got off the medication and alcohol and started training and lost most of the weight he gained.  Patrick has been sobered for 6 years.     

Patrick applied for Soldier On in 2018 and was accepted to compete with Team Canada at the 2019 Warrior Games in Tampa Bay, Florida where he competed in eight different events, one of which resulted in pectoral injury.  Upon his return home, he started rehabbing his injury.  Patrick wanted to either go into coaching or schooling, but that changed when the pandemic hit.  He wanted to bring a positive change to his community.  He started a charity called Operation Feed Saint John Feeding Hungry Kids One Day At A Time | Operation Feed ( with 11 veterans and first responders on his team and they have given out close to 100,000 meals in 2 years.  


Maj (Ret) - Intelligence Officer 
Service Branch: Army 
Hometown: High Wycombe, United Kingdom  
Current Residence: Comox, BC  
“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  

Nick Holyome was an Army Intelligence Officer, a MARS officer with the Naval Reserves, and was born in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. Over the course of his service, he has had the pleasure of working in Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, Halifax, Vancouver, Ottawa, Kingston, and finally Comox, BC, where he now resides. He’s been deployed to Kabul and three times to Kandahar. Two of his career highlights were spending eight years working the counterterrorism mission at CANSOFCOM and deploying with the HUMINT teams.  

His motivation to apply for the Invictus Games is the healing power of sportsmanship, “I've met so many people over the past four years on my journey towards the Invictus Games that have inspired and moved me to continue to work on myself and help my fellow veterans. I am a passionate advocate of mental health recovery through sports and competition and there is no better way to spread that word than to put on the Team Canada uniform myself.”   

He draws his inspiration from his amazing wife and two children who have helped and supported him as he has made the challenging transition to civilian life.  

He will compete in Cycling, Rowing, and Wheelchair Rugby.  


Maj - Public Affairs Officer 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Trenton, ON        
Current Residence: Embrun, ON          
“Keep your face towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you."  —Helen Keller  

Maj Joanna Labonté is an Army Public Affairs Officer, serving for 31 years, and is from Trenton, ON. She’s been posted to Suffield, Yellowknife, and Ottawa, before settling just outside Ottawa in Embrun, ON. Maj Labonté’s career has led her to many exciting places across the country meeting interesting and determined Canadian Armed Forces members, who care deeply about the important work they do. She often describes how rewarding it has been to share stories of the remarkable people she has met during her career.   

Major Labonté’s motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was to continue along her path to recovery and improve her health. She constantly strives to be a role model for her severely disabled, deaf-blind son, Campbell, to show him that anything is possible, and that we all deserve to believe in ourselves. Maj Labonté looks forward to competing on an international stage and sees this as an opportunity to share her story so that other military sexual trauma survivors know there is hope, comfort, and support among peers.   

She will be competing in Rowing, Discus, Shot put, and Sitting Volleyball.  


LCdr (Ret), Naval Logistics Officer  
Service Branch: Navy  
Hometown: Essex, ON  
Current Residence: Waverly, NS  

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”   

Jennifer McGean is a Naval Logistics Officer and has served for 20 years in the Naval Reserve as a MARS Officer, and 14 years as a Regular Force Sea Logistics Officer. She has been deployed to the Great Lakes for Canada 150 and participated in Domestic Drug Interdiction Ops while in the Reserve. Some of her career highlights were when she was an Assistant Logistics Officer in HMCS Charlottetown, a Logistics Officer in HMCS Toronto, and the pinnacle Base Comptroller and Commanding Officer of Base Executive Services at CFB Halifax.    

Her motivation for applying to the Invictus Games initially began when she first learned about Soldier On and heard the many powerful stories of recovery. Jennifer is a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma. She still suffers from PTSD, depression and anxiety. Her friend, Tracey Barlow, who encouraged her to apply, inspired her. Jennifer is deeply grateful for this incredible opportunity, her husband of 30 years, her mother, father (deceased), her daughters and her many friends and supporters, and believes this experience will allow her to continue to heal in a safe environment.  

 She is excited to be participating in Archery, Indoor Rowing and Wheelchair Rugby.  



Avr-Financial Services Administrator  
Service Branch: Air Force  
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC  
Current Residence: Chilliwack, BC  
“Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! It is within us!” 

Erika Moore has worked in the Public Service for over 15 years and proudly serves in the Canadian Military as a financial professional. In her spare time, she has volunteered many hours at local events and organizations.  She is very proud of her family, who have supported her throughout her life, and especially her Aunt Maria who supported her and never gave up during an extremely difficult period in her life.  A native to British Columbia, she has worked in Winnipeg, MB; Edmonton, AB; and Vancouver, BC.  

Erika is very thankful for those individuals who really make a positive change in the world, and she has learned that each person in life has an important contribution to make.  We are all gifted with incredible strength and resilience, and we can all use that gift to help and support others. She is humbled by the professional individuals who make up the Canadian Armed Forces and takes pride in supporting her Chain of Command every day. 

Invictus Games 2023 is the most important achievement in her lifetime and a chance to show that it is possible to have dreams then make them into reality, overcome adversity and be a true survivor. 

She will be competing in Archery, Cycling, and Volleyball.  


Cpl (Ret) - Vehicle technician 
Service branch: Army  
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB  
Current Residence: Winnipeg, MB  
 “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”  

Lealand Muller was an Army vehicle technician and from Winnipeg, MB. He was posted to Shilo, MB before returning to his hometown of Winnipeg, where he now resides. His career highlights were training for Op NUNALIVUT 2018, as well as traveling across Canada.  

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was finding new connections, “I wanted to meet and learn from people with similar experiences and the ‘never give up’ mindset. I really missed that one of a kind ‘tough love’ found only in the military community. I was eager to meet people who would challenge me to leave my comfort zone and help me to push through the mental barriers I had created for myself.”   

He will be participating in Hand Cycling, Wheelchair Basketball, and Discus.   


Maj – Health Services Management 
Service branch: Air Force   
Hometown: Army Bratt 3rd Generation  
Current Residence: Ottawa, ON  

During her 21 years in the CAF, Alaina has enjoyed working with exceptional Clinicians and Administrators in the Medical and Dental Branches who provide care to all soldiers. Whether in garrison, in the field, or on deployment, being part of a team providing care was a highlight for her.  

In September 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). After struggling with this new chapter in her story, she realized she could still challenge herself within the limitations that MS puts on her body. Inspired by her friends and MS champions, Stacey (Invictus 2018) and Levi (Invictus 2020), she was encouraged to carry the torch at Invictus 2023 to represent those who struggle every day with invisible and chronic illnesses. For those who know Alaina, deciding to take on cycling at the games is a feat in itself.  


MCpl (Ret), Artillery  
Service branch: Army   
Hometown: Sherbrooke, QC   
Current Residence: Sherbrooke, QC   
"If I can, I will.”   

Jean-François is an Artilleryman. He has been deployed to Bosnia and has served 2 tours in Afghanistan while posted in Valcartier, QC. He now resides in his hometown Sherbrooke, QC. His career highlight was when he finished first in his Master Corporal course.   

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was to experience brotherhood and camaraderie again which he enjoyed while serving, “I did not serve for nothing; I want to win with my country again.” He experienced some dark and very difficult chapters in the past, but he is fully committed to his healing and recovery. “I’ve been volunteering for the past six years with the Adaptive Sports Foundation that saved my life.” Jean-François was diagnosed with PTSD and suffers from back problems. He is grateful for his two sons.   

He will compete in Shot Disque, Bench Press, and Wheelchair rugby.  


LCdr (Ret) - Medical Officer 
Service branch: Navy 
Hometown: Baie Verte, NL   
Current Residence: St-John's, NL    
“Pursue Joy Through Accumulating Merit!”   

Eric Smith is a former Navy Medical Officer from Lourdes, NL. He’s been posted to St. John’s, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, and Goose Bay, before returning to St. John’s, NL where he now resides. One of his career highlights was representing Canada as the Senior Medical Officer for CANBAT 1, CCUNPROFOR, ROTO 4, OP HARMONY (Former Republic of Yugoslavia). As a result of his efforts from this tour, the CF adopted a policy of performing Operational Environmental Exposures Risk Assessments of Areas of Operations, resulting in health & disability protections for Canadian soldiers. It also revealed the significance of operational stress & resultant issues for CF personnel.  

He is also a proud First Nations (Mi’kmaw) Veteran & 60’s Scoop survivor.  

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was in search of team spirit, wanting to be part of a process of healing and thriving.  Despite his condition, which he views with a silver lining, “My experiences provided me the opportunity of personal growth and the skills to help others. I am grateful that it has brought me personal development and resilience.”    

He will be competing in Track and Field, Cycling, Swimming & Volleyball.  


Cpl (Ret)  
Service branch: CANSOFCOM  
Hometown: Gander, NL  
Current Residence: Kingston, ON  
“If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count”  

Scott Snow, originally from Gander, NL., was a diver in the Navy, he then transferred to firefighter with the Air Force which led him to a rewarding career in special forces. Scott has been posted to Shearwater, Borden, Edmonton, Trenton and Winnipeg, before settling in Kingston, ON where he now resides with his family. The highlight of his career was earning his position at CANSOFCOM.   

Scott’s motivation to apply to the Invictus Games is to inspire his daughters; “My kids were very young when I released! Now my girls, Reese (10) and Charlotte (8), will get to see their dad represent their country with the maple leaf, be proud of me and will remember it!” He is thankful for the endless support of his wife, who helped him pull through dark times, without her support, he says he would not be part of Team Canada today!   

He will be competing in Archery, Rowing and Wheelchair Rugby.  


Sgt (Ret) - Postal Clerk 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB  
Current Residence: Winnipeg, MB  
The sun goes down and always comes up again.  The details may change, but life moves forward, so we do too.”  

Lana Taylor is an Army Postal Clerk from the outskirts of Winnipeg, MB. She’s been posted to Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kingston, Valcartier, and finally back to Winnipeg to retire. Her career highlights are “Having completed a 30-year career, meeting wonderful people along the way, and achieving the rank I aimed at despite changing trades after 14 years.”   

The first notable Highlight in my career was taking part in a multi-national Search and Rescue exercise in a northern environment. It was a simulated plane crash and I acted as one of the casualties for the training. The Search and Rescue Techs jumped in, and I will never forget the view in the sky that morning with all the bright parachutes coming down. Although this was nearly 30 years ago, I remember, like yesterday, the image of the paras jumping in and the interesting experience of being treated by medics who didn't speak English. 

I was also fortunate to be attached to the Prime Minister's trip to India in the early 2000's. It was a beautiful tasking, from stepping off the plane and entering into a wall of heat, to visiting the Rock Gardens in Chandigar and experiencing Old and New Delhi. This trip was during Diwali, the Festival of Lights, so there were flowers and lights everywhere in the streets. 

She was inspired to apply for Invictus by a peer, “A friend I met up with on a post military course, who had done the Invictus Games in The Hague. I thought I couldn't do sports competitively anymore, but she told me about her experience and that was all the motivation I needed to submit my application.    

She will be competing in Indoor Rowing, Swimming, and Sitting Volleyball.  


Mcpl (Ret) – Infantry  
Service branch: Army  
Hometown: Saint-Quentin, N-B  
Current Residence: Montreal, QC   
“No obstacles are impossible to overcome if you choose to do so!”  

Jonathan Thériault was infantryman in the army and comes from Saint-Quentin, NB. He was posted to Valcartier before settling in Montreal, Quebec. During his career, he was deployed to Afghanistan. The highlight of his career was his mission in Afghanistan, their vehicle passed over an explosive object during an operation, the driver, the captain, and him had no apparent serious injuries.  

His motivation to apply for the Invictus Games is to relive and feel the pride of representing his country, “I was encouraged by my friend Pierre, a brother in arms who was always there for me in difficult times. He participated in the Invictus Games last year and was so proud and happy to have taken on this challenge. Then he challenged all of us, his brothers in arms. Having the chance to do it in an Olympic Games, I have always practiced sports and dreamed like any child watching my idols to participate in this kind of competition and I will have the chance to live it but also to show my children that anything is possible. That is why I took up the challenge of my friend Pierre and I thank him for pushing me to do so.” He will participate in archery, rowing, and rugby.  

His physical injuries were diagnosed upon his return from mission, which prompted him to take on a more administrative position in his career and ended his promotion in rank and deployment. He developed mental health problems that ended with a diagnosis of post traumatic syndrome disorder, and this ended his military career. “After many therapies, good medication, today I have found a happier and healthier life that is not always simple given my mental health difficulties but where I am happy with my wife and my three children. It’s always easier to deal with obstacles with support than alone.” He is grateful to be alive and present for his children.  


HRA – Army
Hometown: Petawawa, ON
Current Residence: Kingston, ON

Retired Sgt Laurie Thorlakson joined the CAF in Jul 1992. She has had the opportunity to train with various deployable units and participated in training events during her career such as Basic Mountain Training in the Canadian Rockies and Survival Training Jarvis Lake as well as Fast-Roping, Rappelling, Leading Live-Fire Section Attacks and supporting Helicopter Insertion Training in Yuma, Arizona to name a few. “Being forced to medically release was devastating and depressing and the realism of my injuries had to finely be accepted and it was so hard to remain motivated and enthusiastic and to turn off the failure negative voice in my mind.” Laurie has made many positive connections with former participants from previous Games where she continues to be inspired by their incredible experiences and personal stories of recovery. Laurie will be competing in Powerlifting, Indoor Rowing and Wheelchair Rugby.


WO, Medical Technician  
Service Branch: Air Force  
Hometown: Sudbury, ON  
Current Residence: Petawawa, ON  
“Primum non Nocere” (above all, do no harm)  

Mathew Tindall is currently serving as a Medical Technician. Over the course of his career, he has been deployed to Afghanistan, Ukraine and Africa and posted to Edmonton, Petawawa and Greenwood.  

His career highlight is the continual adventure of being posted to a field unit and all that it brings. “Knowing that because of what I and my team do, other people are alive today.”     

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was mostly his wife. “Before the amputation I was very athletic. I thrived on adventure and endurance racing. I had the opportunity to do the Nijmegen March a few years ago along with international medical competitions. The feeling I get when pushing my body as far and long as I can, is unlike anything else for myself. I want to feel that again and I believe the Invictus Games is a place to start.”  Matthew’s leg loss has shown him that he can still live on and thrive as a husband, father and a person.  He is incredibly grateful to be alive and raise his daughters.  

Matthew will be participating in Rugby, Volleyball and Swimming.  


Sgt (Ret)- Armoured 
Service branch: Army 
Hometown: Kenora, ON   
Current Residence: Burton, NB   
“Adapt and Overcome”   

Stephen Todd was born in Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom and relocated to Kenora, ON at 8 years old. He joined the Canadian Army in 1997 and has been posted to Petawawa and Gagetown, retiring in Burton, NB, after 25 years of service. Over the course of his service, he has completed tours in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. His career highlight is working with amazing people and adapting to new challenges.    

His motivation for applying to the Invictus Games was a search for new challenges and new motivations, but he has learned that this journey has not only helped with his physical injuries but has also helped with his mental health by making new friendships and a camaraderie amongst teammates again.     

 He will participate in the 400m and 1500m Sprint, Rowing, and Sitting Volleyball.   



MCpl (Ret)   
Service Branch: Air Force  
Hometown: Campbellford, ON  
Current Residence: Frankford, ON  
“Love, Conquer, Succeed.”  

Samantha has served 10 years in the Army and 1 year in the Air Force.  She has been posted to Comox and Trenton.  She has had the opportunity to work with CANSOFCOM and being part of an aircrew on a Globemaster traveling to Latvia and Iqaluit while posted to 429 Sqn.  The injuries she experienced removed her from her purpose.  “Made me feel like I was inferior and unable to do the things I loved.  I felt isolated and alone.”  

Samantha applied for the Invictus Games after seeing fellow and former coworkers compete and how it helped them overcome their challenges. She is most grateful for her children and support system.  “To love something is to face any challenges that arise and in the end no matter what route you take, you will eventually succeed. Everything happens for a reason.”  

Samantha will be competing in Cycling, Table Tennis and Sitting Volleyball.  

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