Stacey Trottier-Mousseau, Sgt (retired)

Stacey Trottier-Mousseau, Sgt (retired)

I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1991 and I served for seventeen years. My first memories of working for the Armed Forces were very exciting!

I was the first woman to join the Windsor Regiment (RCAC) as an Armoured Crewman.

In 2006, I became ill while deployed to Afghanistan. I began to experience increasing difficulty in maintaining my gait and balance and was perpetually exhausted. My condition worsened to the point where I needed to be medically repatriated to Canada. Upon my arrival home, I underwent a series of tests and was soon after diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was thirty-two years old at the time.

My diagnosis ended my military career. The chronic and progressive nature of MS has affected every aspect of my life. Unfortunately, it ended my dream of taking on a career in the field of disaster relief.

My association with Soldier On began in 2017 after taking inspiration from the athletes competing at the Invictus Games in Toronto. I thought having a goal to work towards would be good for my physical and emotional health.

My entire experience as a member of Team Canada at Invictus 2018 was amazing! I felt challenged, supported and made life-long friendships.

To anyone who might be going through something similar to me; please avoid the temptation to isolate. Reach out, there is help available. Your life may not have worked out the way you envisioned, but that does not mean that it can’t still be amazing in ways you have yet to consider!

Major Patrick Lévis

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