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Kimberley Mann

Kimberley Mann

My name is Kimberley Mann. I served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 21 years before joining the Reserves as a Cpl ACop in Greenwood.

During my time in the Reserves, I suffered a knee injury and I was medically released in 2018.

The pain from my knees took away my enjoyment of physical activities. This contributed to a weight gain from inactivity, which in turn made my knee pain worse.

I fell in love with Scuba Diving after doing a Discovery Dive. I obtained my Open Water Certification at the age of 50, and now hold an Instructor Certification.

Scuba Diving has given me a return to physical activity that fulfils both my physical and mental health needs. Scuba has contributed to my being in the best physical shape since before my knee injury.

I recently received a Soldier On grant to purchase some diving equipment. My new wetsuit keeps me warm which keeps my knees limber and pain free when diving. My new dive computer gives me confidence and ability to be safe while diving.

I am thankful to Soldier On for giving me this opportunity.

Cpl (retired) Susan

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