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Quebec Fromagerie Overwhelmed with Support during Remembrance Day Fundraiser

Veteran WO Michael Girard is the catalyst of Fromagerie Victoria’s successful fundraiser for Soldier On raising $17,500 in a single day.

Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Combat Engineer WO Michael Girard has embraced his purpose in his second career.  

Over the course of his 20 years of service, between 1994 and 2014, Michael was deployed on three Canadian Armed Forces missions (twice to Afghanistan and once to Yugoslavia). His service was honoured through receiving the Mention of Dispatches in 2008. As a result of his service, Michael developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Following his military career, Michael became the co-owner of four Fromagerie Victoria restaurants in Quebec. In 2022, he brought forward Soldier On as a potential recipient of Fromagerie Victoria’s fundraising efforts, since our cause resonates so closely for him. The staff at the restaurant’s headquarters eagerly obliged and proceeded to planning a fundraiser for Remembrance Day.  

All 20 of Quebec-wide Fromagerie Victoria’s locations participated. When they opened their doors the morning of November 11th, they never imagined they’d sell 8750 poutines by the end of the day. They’re effort raised a whopping total of $17,500 for Soldier On. The fundraiser was received with open hearts by its community audiences, and Michael was moved by the outpour of support.  

“I strongly carry the cause of serving and retired military members in my heart” Michael said. "Thank you Fromagerie Victoria for your support and thank you to each individual member of our communities who attended the event to support the cause on such an important day as November 11th. Thank you Soldier On for helping our ill and injured members every other day on the calendar. We'll be back stronger in 2023." he continued.  

Thank you, Michael, and Fromagerie Victoria for this incredible show of support. 

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