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Soldier On Brings Guitar Lessons to the Prairies

Over a three-month-period, Soldier On members in the Prairies region enjoyed weekly sessions of virtual guitar lessons. Lessons came courtesy of Music Therapy 42, a counselling service focused on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing within a music centered framework.

The event included 10 lessons and the participants greatly appreciated the experience.Caroline-Guitar-Photo.jpg

“This was my first experience with an activity through Soldier On and it was very enjoyable,” said WO (retired) Caroline Flynn. “There was some stress as my fingers wouldn't work like I wanted them to but with time and practice I'm sure this will all fall into place.”

Tom-Guitar-Photo.jpg“I have always been interested in learning a musical instrument and this program provided a systematic, stress-free way to begin learning the basics of the guitar and a platform for moving forward,” said LCol (retired) Tom Flynn. “It is probably cliché to say music is therapeutic but this event validated this statement and sets me up to take full advantage in the future.”

“I really enjoyed my guitar sessions and meeting the other people who were taking the lessons,” said Captain (retired) Neil Otke, who also showed off what he learned in the video below. “It was fun learning something new even though trying to get your fingers to do what they're supposed to do on the guitar is challenging. I am very grateful that a guitar was provided by Soldier On and that I now have it to continue practicing and improve.”