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Soldier On Members Try Effortless Ice Fishing

On March 5-7, Soldier On members near Winnipeg, MB spent a few days learning and practicing ice fishing at Grand Marais on Lake Winnipeg. The event was possible thanks to Effortless Fishing, who provided the instruction to participants.

It was an unusually warm and sunny weekend when Soldier On kicked off its Manitoba ice fishing event.

“It's great just getting out and not thinking about anything but fishing,” said participant (retd) MCpl Michael Stokes. “I loved getting out of the house and doing something that I enjoy with other people that enjoy the same.”

“The event went above and beyond my expectations and I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone at the next event after the pandemic is over,” he added.

On the Sunday, the weather turned colder, providing participants with the opportunity to try fishing inside a heated hut.

“It had been many years since I had last been ice fishing and thought that it would be great to get out and give it a chance here in Manitoba,” said Sgt Rob Stoodley. “I shared good stories and experiences with other members at the event.”

“It’s nice to share stories that only military members will understand," he continued. We had some good laughs all around.”

He also elaborated on how the event helped with his specific situation:

“Nature and exercise are the greatest and most underutilized health drugs in the world! This also reignited my interest in ice fishing. I can see myself heading out next winter. I wasn’t sure what to expect, with this being my first Soldier On event. This is a great resource and I can see myself participating in more events in the future.”