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Participate in the 2021 Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships

Soldier On would like to inform you of a virtual rowing opportunity: the Soldier On division of the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships!

There will be three class categories for all ill/injured persons, Open, Moderate, and Maximum, in time categories of 1 minute and 4 minutes. If you are interested in pushing yourself to new heights in a strenuous, adaptive, and fun activity, and have a permanent mental health and/or physical illness/injury, then sign up at the link below!  The Soldier On division of races is open to anyone that can row, and can meet the technical requirements of the competition. As long as you have access to the correct type of indoor rowing machine and a stable internet connection, you can participate in this race! Detailed documents on participation are included below. 

Registration Details 

To register, log into the CIRC event page on the Regatta Central website.

Competitors may start by creating an account with Regatta Central to begin, then locate the ‘Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships’ among the events list to complete the entry.

Entries will be accepted up until February 1, 2021 at 11:59 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. 

Those who intend to race under the Soldier On Division must select their intended category/categories as part of their registration. 

Class Categories

Soldier On has three categories corresponding to level of impairment. There is no distinction for weight or age. Individuals should indicate the gender they most closely identify with. 


This Category is open to all participants with a mental health or physical illness/injury, less than 50% loss of function. There will be separate Male and Female categories, with 1-minute and 4-minute races for each. 


This category is for anyone with a significant physical impairment of more than 50% loss of function. You must be capable of utilizing the sliding seat of the rowing machine to participate in this category. There will be separate Male and Female categories, with 1-minute and 4-minute races for each. 


For those with extreme physical impairments, this category is open to anyone who is otherwise unable to use the sliding seat, and will instead use a fixed seat. You will utilize trunk and arms only. There will be separate Male and Female categories, with 1-minute and 4-minute races for each. 

Equipment Requirements 

Competitors will need to provide all equipment needed to compete in this event. Registration costs, as well, are an individual responsibility. To participate, each competitor must have:  
  • Concept2 static rowing ergometer with a PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor  
  • The PM3, PM4 or PM5 monitor should be updated with the latest firmware calibrated for use with the model to which the PM is connected. Details on how to update PM firmware can be found on the Concept 2 website. 
  • USB A-to-B cable 
  • Windows or MAC computer or laptop with Google Chrome installed. 
  • A stable internet connection. 

What are the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships? 

Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships has been designated by World Rowing as the Continental Qualifier for the Americas to the World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships which will take place February 6-7, 2021. Rowers, paddlers, and other athletes are all welcome to compete in the virtual Canadian Indoor Rowing Championship event. Only those with valid citizenship from a country in the Americas will be eligible to win a qualifying spot through the Continental Qualifier pathway.

The Soldier On Division is friendly competition and is not part of the Continental Qualifier.