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Master Corporal (ret’d) Trevor Vautour Receives the 2020 Unconquered Award

On August 6, 2021 Soldier On had the honour of presenting Master Corporal (ret’d) Trevor Vautour with the 2020 Unconquered Award. The presentation has long been delayed due to COVID-19 public health measures. Trevor was presented the Award by the Soldier On National Manager, Jay Feyko while surrounded by his family and his new team of Ontario Provincial Police Colleagues.

The Unconquered Award is awarded to a serving or retired Canadian Armed Forces member who has confronted a life-altering situation and used perseverance and determination through sport or physical recreation to overcome challenges and most importantly, who serves as a role model to give hope and inspiration to others in similar situations.

In 2014, Trevor sustained a serious injury in the line of duty and found himself having to re-learn basic motor skills. After several years of rehabilitation, in February 2019, Trevor was selected to participate in the Warrior Games which took place in Tampa Bay, Florida. Trevor competed in rowing, track, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. As a member of Team Canada, Trevor showed outstanding leadership, displaying true camaraderie while taking pride in motivating and supporting his teammates.

Trevor used the Warrior Games as a stepping stone in his recovery and inspired many by volunteering with organizations such as the Ottawa Royals wheelchair basketball club and as an operations team member with Team Rubicon, whose mission is to aid those affected by natural disasters. Furthermore, he helped fellow ill and injured members by raising awareness and funds for Soldier On. These qualities and actions embody the truest intent of the Unconquered Award.

"Receiving this award is an honour and a privilege. Soldier On helped connect me with other ill and injured members, therefore setting me on the path to recovery and lighting the flame to persevere," says Vautour. "I want to thank my family, the OPP, and Soldier On for their continued support."