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Join the 2021 PSP Winter Challenge

Everybody knows that trying to stay active during the winter months can be difficult, which is why PSP is holding the 2021 PSP Winter Challenge. A fun way to be active and healthy through the month of February challenging yourself to complete 600 minutes of physical activity over the course of the month.

There are many great prizes to be won, and there is also the option to raise charitable funds in support of Soldier On.

The challenge is open to:  
  • Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members (Regular and Reserve Force) and their families 
  • Veterans (former members of the CAF) and their families, including families of the deceased 
  • Members of foreign military currently serving with the CAF and their families 
  • Current Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services employees and their families 
You can participate individually, create a team of four people or join the Soldier On Team. Each week, participants will receive a newsletter highlighting the weekly leaderboard of top participants as well as the winners of draw prizes.
Up for the challenge? You can sign up now and join the Soldier On team. From there click “Register” and fill out the registration form.

If you would like to join the Soldier On team click "Add registrant to a team?" when prompted and select "Yes, add this registrant to a team created by someone else" then search for “Soldier On - Sans Limites”.

Click here for more information.

You can also follow the PSP Facebook page for weekly fitness tips, family activities suggestions, healthy recipes and more!