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Introducing New Supporter Tillsonbrands

Soldier On is excited to introduce our new supporter Tillsonbrands. For the next 15 months, Tillsonbrands will donate a percentage of their proceeds from sales in support of Soldier On. Meet the company president, Michael Perovich, to learn why.

“Growing up, sports meant everything to me. Rugby was my life, but I was also passionate about football, wrestling, and track & field,” says Michael Perovich, President of Tillsonbrands, a company specializing in ice-melting technologies and products.

As a teenager, Perovich suffered a serious accident that turned his life upside down, but through his passion for sports, he was able to find a path to recovery.

“Going into high school I really wanted to play football and that motivated me to work extra hard on my recovery,” he says.

Perovich went on to earn a sports and recreation degree in college and remains passionate about sport as a vehicle for recovery. For him, supporting those in recovery after serving Canada is the next best thing to serving himself, and he is intent on finding a way to have an impact.

“I’ve always admired the military and those who serve or have served. Partnering with Soldier On is my way of making a difference.”

Joe Kiraly, Senior Manager at Soldier On, says “Without the support of generous Canadians like the amazing people at Tillsonbrands we would not be able to deliver the important, impactful and direct support we do to thousands of women and men who deserve and need it.”

Look for the Soldier On logo to appear on Tillsonbrands’ signature product JETBLUE™ next winter!