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Desi Cozier Unleashes His Creativity

Soldier On member S1 Desi Cozier participated in the virtual "Unleash Your Creativity" workshop for members in B.C., alongside Frances Litman Multi-Media Productions, where he discovered his creative calling by trying various art projects. He shared his thoughts with us.

“I would like to say that the “Unleash Your Creativity” workshop was an amazing idea to be able to be part of. I know Soldier On is based on sports activities to help deal with our injuries but this was the right place to go especially with the COVID-19 situation we are dealing with. I was a bit reluctant at first about how it may be and feel but I am extremely happy that I applied and got chosen to participate because it has given me a different outlet to help calm my mind, relax my body and be creative all at once. It was an amazing experience even via virtual video which I think may have made some people feel more comfortable if they are not good with crowds. I think Solider On should continue with this activity so it can be as beneficial to others as it was for me.

The inspiration behind my collage is a mixture of feelings. Things had been a bit stressful for me during the time of the two workshops and my mind has just been all over the place and just not being able to focus as I usually do. So, in doing the artwork I was expressing all the uncertainty I was feeling with the bright colors like pink, blue and green that's all over in a chaotic way. Yet, I then felt that I need to find some kind of object that needs to ground me as well as to bring back my focus which you can see in the shape of triangles (I love pyramids) that is colored in black as well as just the white space that is portrayed on the piece Asian-inspired writing. The piece that is done in black is supposed to be a design of an alien descent symbolizing the future and that helps me to think that things will get better. The piece with the ripped-out magazine bit is me expressing the freedom of being open with the mountains and ocean views as well as having to be silent when needed as with the black and white picture of the man.Desi_Cozier_Art-1.jpg

When you put it all together, my inspiration for this collage is to bring chaos and uncertainty to a place of comfort and safety that I can look at and know that it's okay to have all these feelings. Also, knowing that there are places I can go in my head to calm my emotions and remember that we may all have bad days but they can and do get better and accepting who you are no matter what situation you are in. The collage represents a safe place that I think everyone can find once they look hard enough.

Thank you, Soldier On.”