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Anita Keating Honours Her Family Through Fencing

Soldier On recently hosted its very first fencing event. Members near Fredericton, NB participating in weekly fencing instruction and practice at the Damocles Fencing Club from April 13 to May 4. Member 2lt (retired) Anita Keating shared her thoughts on the experience.

"Participating in the Soldier On event Introduction to Fencing, for me personally, has meant a lot," she says. "Not only has it provided an opportunity for me to meet five new comrades and learn something new, it has also provided me personally with a way to honor my father and my family.

My father George Morrison (r.i.p., 2002) and my uncle Roly Morrison both were members of the 1974 fencing team that participated in the Winter Olympics [in Innsbruck, Austria]. All of my aunts and uncles on my dad's side took part in fencing, as have my nephews and nieces.

I have always wanted to try fencing, but was always too nervous.

Soldier On gave me the opportunity to take that chance, while surrounded by people I know have my back and whom I know will support me, help me, watch over me, and understand me.

Many will never understand how much this means to me. It's not only learning something new but it's also getting to honour my dad and finally have a way to say goodbye to him, and let him know I'm okay!

I am forever thankful to Soldier On for every opportunity, especially this one."