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Soldier On Presents 2020 Unconquered Award to Retired Master Corporal Trevor Vautour

Soldier On is honoured to present the winner of the 2020 Unconquered Award – retired Master Corporal Trevor Vautour.

“This award will be kept close to my heart. I’m excited, moved, and honoured to have been selected for this prestigious award. Thanks to Soldier On, my wife, kids, and teammates I will continue to make you all proud and continue to inspire those around me,” says MCpl (Retd) Trevor Vautour.

In 2014, Vautour sustained a serious injury in the line of duty and found himself having to re-learn basic motor skills.

“My life was turned upside down and the meaning of life for me was gone. That fork in the road, although tragic, put me on a path to Soldier On. Over the years, I had watched members speak of Soldier On, partake in events and come out changed for the better, never thinking for a second what it could do for me,” he says.

In February 2019, Trevor was selected to participate in the Warrior Games which took place in Tampa Bay, Florida. Trevor competed in rowing, track, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. As a member of Team Canada, Trevor showed outstanding leadership, displaying true camaraderie and taking pride in motivating and supporting his teammates.

“Getting to wear that leaf again and be around my fellow sisters and brothers again helped to ignite a fire that had smouldered out. Through the games and the power of sport the fire was re-ignited and to this day continues to burn,” he says.

Post Warrior games, Trevor is thriving in his new normal. He is a volunteer with the Ottawa Royals wheelchair basketball club and an operations team member with Team Rubicon, having completed missions in aid of those affected by natural disasters.

In 2019, Trevor was the recipient of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers and he has recently fulfilled a long-time dream of becoming a Police Officer with the Ontario Provincial Police.

“Unconquered would be defined as not defeated and not overcome. After my injury I was defeated I was overcome but through the power of sport and Soldier On that changed and I have not looked back. No task has become too arduous. I have taken life back and now make it my mission to pay it forward. Soldier On is a life-saving transformation organization made up of men and women who will stop at no cost to get you motivated, inspired, and fired up to take on any task big or small. It has saved my life, made me a better person, husband, and father. Soldier On will forever be in my heart and mind, and with that, I will continue to Soldier On.”