Involve Your Employees

There are several ways for your employees to get involved:

Cause of the Year Partnership

Your employees -- and perhaps also your customers and clients -- can engage in a custom-made calendar of events that supports our military members and their families at the same time that it raises awareness about the challenges faced by soldiers and their families.
This is a great opportunity to not only unite your staff behind a great cause that they can feel passionate and patriotic about, but also increase your brand awareness and tie your organization to a cause that reflects powerful positive values: duty, loyalty, integrity and courage.
We would be happy to work with you to create events or opportunities to engage your customers and/or clients in supporting Soldier On with you.

Employee fundraising and employee matching programs

We have seen our corporate partners' employees harness the power of their imaginations to come up with many creative ways to get involved in fundraising for Soldier On. We would be happy to work with your teams to develop ideas that relate to your business and apply well in your work environment.
An easy way for your company to support your employees is to match the money they raise during fundraising events. The most successful method we have seen is for a company to enable voluntary payroll deductions for staff to give to Soldier On, with the company matching dollar for dollar what their employees donate.
If you would like to become a corporate partner, please contact

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