Resurgo in Support of Soldier On

Soldier On is pleased to announce a new supporter – Kent & White Insurance, whose owners are so proud of their family’s service and ties to the military community that they decided to launch Resurgo – Latin for “I rise again.”

“One of the hardest parts of being the family member of a wounded service person is carrying a feeling of helplessness. It is difficult to truly put myself in the shoes of the people I love,” says Erin Schryer co-owner of Kent & White Insurance. “Luckily, Soldier On is filled with people who get it and can make a difference to my family and armed forces members across the country.”

That’s why Erin Schryer and her husband Brian decided to develop Resurgo, an insurance plan providing discounts on home and auto insurance to active and retired military personnel, while also donating 2.5 percent of each insurance premium to support the work of Soldier On.

Erin and her husband Brian both have grandfathers who served in World War II, and the family business Kent & White Insurance was first founded by two soldiers upon their return from the war: cousins Alanson Schryer (grandfather of Brian) and William Kent.

Erin’s family has a particularly rich military history. She is not only the grand-daughter, but also the step-sister, and daughter of military members with a strong dedication to service. When she raised the idea of an insurance program that could support Soldier On with her father, retired Colonel Jake Bell, he immediately saw how much of an impact the program could have on an organization that means so much to their family.

Cousins prior to leaving for WWII in 1940. Bill Kent, founder of Kent Insurance (far left).A.K. (Brub) Schryer, founder of A.K. Schryer Insurance (far right). Morley Kent (middle).

“Soldier On has allowed me to adjust to my new normal amongst people who have a shared experience. It has very much helped me to cope with the injuries that I deal with,” says Colonel Bell now retired after almost 37 years of service, including deployments to Cyprus, former Yugoslavia, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Erin, who was searching for a way to continue to build purpose in Kent & White, took off with the idea for Resurgo.

“For me, the work of Soldier On is extremely meaningful, and my experience with military family members struggling with operational stress injuries makes it very personal. Both my husband Brian and I are so proud of our family’s service and consider it a true privilege to be a part of serving our military community. Resurgo is Latin for ‘I rise again’ which is so fitting for a program that supports Soldier On. I’m hoping this becomes a staple in the military community,” says Erin.

To learn more about the Resurgo insurance products, visit

The program is currently only available in Atlantic Canada, but the aim is to expand it to cover all of Canada within the next year.

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